The Difference a Dormer Makes on a Custom HouseA few dormers, a cupolas and a few chimney caps can really take your custom home to a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL. (working on this for a client… not final. Let me know what you think.. yeah I know who you are.) I am seeing my hot spots on both images though I only put them […]
Animated Video for conveying your messageGps Inventory Solutions helps companies that have slow moving inventory to increase their profit margins by freeing up warehouse space while ensuring availability for future customer needs for parts. This animated video is a way to convey the message.
Communicating the messageBeach Sheet Metal sells custom copper dormers, among other hand crafted items that they ship nationwide. I came up with a creative concept to help people understand why they might want a dormer on their custom home. Here is it.. and now you know. Seeing is believing. I can help with creative concepts to get […]
Prototype infographic…any ideas on how to use for your business?These interactive infographics can be used on web sites, facebook and other pages to convey with multiple links and media your message while focused on one image.
1st Page Listings on Google for Dallas Plastic Surgeon1st Page of Google for hard to get “Dallas Breast Augmentation” keyword. Listed 4 times on the first page of Google for keyword “Dallas Female Plastic Surgeon” I have multiple clients not only on the first page of Google, but many with multiple listings on the first page of Google. Absolute top of Google in […]
Cool video intro for Concrete cutting companyMaybe we can make it the top of the web site instead of static graphic… mmmm…
Ideas for marketing I can help you withTake a look at these videos and tell me if any of them are something you’d like to do for your company. I can get very creative and if we identify a person, organization or target market you want to reach, we can work up something very fun that will make them pay attention or […]
This video is going viralWhether or not you like him or hate him President Obama’s voice makes you pay attention. This is all in fun. The concept behind this was the idea that the President had too shut us down because we gave an unfair advantage to our clients, by very easily getting them listed on the first page […]